about us

We are a property developer with domestic descent and capital. We have been operating in polish market for 20 years, especially in Lesser Poland region accomplishing investment in small and large scale.

We are specialise in town houses building.

Our company has a family nature. It gives, that in our activity is easily to look at Your needs from family view.

We always strive to make our customers happy, to share in our clients confidence and respect.

The facilities building by us are always deeply deliberate and provide our acquirers high comfort of living.

Our estates are made in such a way to be very friendly and safe for inhabitants. We strive to plan them to have all necessary infrastructure for comfortable live.

In our plans there are playgrounds and recreation areas.

We have been building in traditional technology assuming that this is the best solution in our conditions.

Our philosophy is Clients to be satisfied. In this we look for success.

We want every single Client to get involved with us never be failed.

We know what home means and how many effort You put to have it. We are obliged as Your partner in building houses to keep special taste and realise agreed works and construction schedule.