An important asset of PARKEKO Niepołomice is its localisation. The estate is located ca. 1,5 km from city centre and ca. 3 km from industrial zone. In centre of the city there are lots of amusements: swimming-pool, market square and a castle. In the short distance there is a Niepołomice Forest (Backwoods), where You can use bike path and footpath. This is a perfect solution for persons who want to spend their time actively. There is an additional facility for the families with children – schools neighbourhood and a private kindergarten in the area of estate.

The localisation of PARKEKO is convenient also for persons who work in Cracow. For present day one can make his way to the Cracow City Centre (distance ca. 24 km) taking into consideration two ways in 30 min.

We would like to mention the connection to motorway in Szarów. Using this one can reach Cracow in 10 min.

The main asset for all inhabitants should be the short distance (ca. 1 km) from Niepołomice Forest.


  • 1 km from Niepołomice Forest (Backwoods)
  • 1,2 km from Biedronka shop
  • 2 km from Sport Centre: swimming-pool, tennis
  • 1,5 from horse riding centre
  • 3 km from music school
  • 2 km from castle in Niepołomice
  • 550 m from church
  • 50 m from bus stop
  • 1 km from bike path and footpath
  • 2 km form Vistula River
  • 3 km from market square in Niepołomice
  • 13 km from Wieliczka
  • 26 km from Main Market Square in Cracow